Manor Farm Poultry

Where it all began...

Living on a dairy farm situated in a quiet village called Singleton, my one wish was to own chickens. As much as I love my cows, I still wanted chickens running around. Then one October a friend who was going on holiday asked me to look after her broody hen who was sitting on her eggs. I had NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!!! So we improvised and she went into one of our barns and lo and behold days later we had chicks!! And this is where the story began...


Here at Manor Farm we have a wide range of pure breed, rare breed and hybrid hens and cockerels, as well as a nice selection of pure breed ducks and drakes. We take great pride in hatching and hand rearing our own livestock to breed standard and specialize in the rare breed side of poultry keeping.  Visitors are always welcome to view our selection of birds. Below is a list of pure and rare breed chickens that are available for sale...

  • Appenzellers
  • Araucana
  • Andalusians
  • Barbu D'Anvers
  • Barbu D'Uccles- Porcelain
  • Brahmas- Buff columbian, Lemon Pyle, Dark & Light, Splash 
  • Dutch Bantams- Gold
  • Faverolles- Salmon, Blue
  • Hybrids
  • Lakenvelder
  • Leghorn- Brown, Lavender
  • Legbars- Cream Crested
  • Pekin- Millefleur, White,Black, Lavender, Mottled
  • Polands- Tolbunts, Chamois, Pure White, Pure Black, White Crested, Splash
  • Russian Orloff
  • Silkies- Cuckoo, White, Black, Partridge, Silver Partridge
  • Sablepoots- Lemon Millefleur, Porcelain ( Booted)
  • Sebright
  • Sussex- Light
  • Thuringians- Cuckoo, Chamois, Black, Blue Partridge, Partridge
  • Vorwerks
  • Wyandotte- Silver pencilled, Salmon, Partridge,Silver,Gold,Lavender, Buff and Blue laced
  • White Faced Spanish

Below is a list of pure breed ducks for sale

  • Indian runner ducks- Fawn and White
  • Call ducks - Apricot
  • Carolinas
  • Mandarins
  • White Faced Whistlers

We sell chicks, ducklings, pullets, point of lay hens and cockerels.


Please contact us for more information on all our livestock, prices dependent on age and breed. ________________________

Bedding, feed and accessories for sale at Manor Farm

Below is our mascot Billy Brahma... He is our Light Brahma together with his girlfriend Betty (the dark) Brahma... They are free range at the farm,very friendly and give a warm welcome to visitors.

Billy Brahma - Our Mascot

As well as hatching and hand rearing poultry we provide excellent quality feed and bedding. Through lots of trial and error we now have created our own bedding that is suitable for all ages of chickens and ducks. Our bedding is fully organic.

  • Easichick Bedding 10kg... £10
  • Straw bale...£5
  • Hay bale...£7

We also provide top quality feed all of which we use to feed our own poultry.

  • Chick Crumbs... 20kg - £12
  • Grower/rearer pellets... 20kg - £11
  • Layers pellets... 20 kg - £9
  • Mixed corn... 25 kg - £10

Not only that but we sell our very own tasty free range eggs that our hybrid girls lay for us...

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